March 2, 2024


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“2023’s Bright Jewelry Trends: A Glimpse into the Dazzling Future

“2023’s Bright Jewelry Trends: A Glimpse into the Dazzling Future. Elizabeth Taylor once professed that jewelry possesses the unique ability to bestow a sense of individuality upon its wearer. A sentiment that transcends the boundaries of extravagance, and resonates with the wider world. In the wake of a creative surge in jewelry design amid the pandemic, we find ourselves at the cusp of a gem-laden future, where hope-filled talismans, euphoria-inducing palettes, and groundbreaking advancements in traceability and circularity have taken center stage.

As we usher in 2023, Jodie Marie Smith, our trusted trend forecaster, heralds a youthful wave sweeping through the realm of jewelry. This year, artisans are daring to experiment with more liberated shapes and unconventional color symphonies. Smith points to the audacious melding of high and low-grade materials in creations such as Marco Panconesi’s hybrid gemstones and Binliang Alexander Peng’s whimsically precious masterpieces. She aptly describes this shift as ‘irreverent, unfussy, and unserious,’ offering a refreshing departure from the stoic traditions of yesteryears. Emma Walton’s chunky double-stone rings, adored by the likes of Dua Lipa, and Susannah King London’s upcycled, multi-hued gem rings, flying off the shelves thanks to TikTok, embody this spirited revolution.

Miranda Preston, the luminary behind Fine Matter’s design partnerships, has been a firsthand witness to this youthful vigor and has recently welcomed King and Aimos into the fold. She extols the textured, molten aesthetics of Aimos’s rings, each one a unique masterpiece. This trend breathes life into organic textures, embracing chunkier, more contemporary pieces. At Liberty, Ruby Beales shares a similar sentiment, where chunky hard stone creations by Pariah and the newest addition, Jacqueline Cullen, channel organic charm and the allure of British craftsmanship. Victoria Lampley, representing the esteemed jewelry consultancy, The Stax, underscores the profound desire for the artisan’s touch. Collectors now crave pieces imbued with the personal fingerprint of the craftsman, transcending mere aesthetics.

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This is the era of jewelry designed for everyday wear, a sentiment passionately supported by Mimi Hoppen, the director of jewelry at Dover Street Market. She predicts that practicality will steer the course of jewelry purchases in 2023. Hoppen highlights the enduring appeal of signet rings, especially from the likes of Ilaria Icardi, who moonlights as Bottega Veneta’s ready-to-wear design director, and Raphaele Canot’s effortless diamond earrings. The same versatility extends to beaded jewelry, evolving from a holiday accessory into an everyday staple. Brooke Gregson’s semi-precious tumbled beads and By Pariah’s pieces in darker jewel tones epitomize this shift, moving away from the previous summer’s vibrant hues.

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However, let’s not bid adieu to statement pieces just yet. Nikki Erwin of Established fame champions bold, knuckle-dusting rings, exemplified by her “Zero FG” style, which has won over an unexpected fanbase, including women in their 60s and 70s, thanks to its clever hidden message. Meanwhile, Libby Page, the market director at, reports a continued love affair with statement jewels in resplendent yellow gold. She celebrates the artful amalgamation of textures, links, and bold forms, singling out Lauren Rubinski, David Yurman, and David Webb as the maestros of this trend.

Pearls, ever the timeless choice, continue to grace the jewelry scene. Beales enthuses about the emergence of oversized pearls, spotlighting CompletedWorks’s colossal pearl necklaces and bracelets. Designers have taken pearls to the pinnacle, adorning diamond tennis necklaces, chokers, and lariats with these lustrous orbs. Sophie Bille Brahe, Completedworks, and Mizuki reign supreme in this realm, according to Page.

For Mimi Hoppen, the most exciting developments unfold in the realm of lab-grown diamonds. Brands are pushing the boundaries of creativity within the laboratory, while clients are increasingly open to these ethically sourced stones. Unsaid and Nomis are among the pioneers crafting captivating innovations with lab-grown diamonds, promising a future of limitless possibilities. The world of jewelry awaits with bated breath, eager to witness the next chapter of innovation and ingenuity.”