April 17, 2024


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Best Ugg Throw Blanket – an indigo day

Best Ugg Throw Blanket

On my couch is always a big cozy blanket. For about a decade, I had the same one. It was the best. Cozy, not too hot, and the perfect weight. It was a gift from someone important in my life, and it quickly became not my blanket, but my dog Pork’s blanket. I was devastated when there was a dryer incident with this beloved blanket that rendered it useless. In all honesty, I actually cried a little. It was a sentimental gift and one my aging dog absolutely adored. It needed to be replaced ASAP because one can not reach optimal coziness on a couch without a great blanket. So I was on the hunt for a good, comfortable and cozy blanket. Insert, an UGG throw blanket.

Best Ugg Throw Blanket
Photos by Hannah Lozano

Best Ugg Throw Blanket

We all know the popular boot brand, UGG. I’ve been wearing their boots since the early 2000s in high school. But I have never thought to try their blankets. Clearly, this is a category they have been expanding on as there is a large collection of blankets and even bedding to choose from at UGG. The brand has so many products now it seems! As a big fan of their slippers and boots, it was a no brainer to explore their blankets when I finally needed a new one for my couch. I ordered several to try them out to find the RIGHT one. Not too big, not too warm, just right.

Are Ugg Blankets Warm?

So warm. Ugg blankets are insanely cozy and warm. Even the thinnest of styles are quite warm and toasty. All of the ones listed below are 50 inches by 70 inches. This size is really perfect for a throw blanket. Any bigger and it’s just too big. Any smaller and you’re fighting to share it.

UGG Coastline Plush Throw

This is the blanket I ended up with after ordering several styles. I liked that it’s cozy and plush, but not overly heavy. It’s a bit warm in the summer, but for fall and winter, it is perfection. And for colorways, this comes in lots of color options to match your space.

UGG Bliss Sherpa

If you’re looking for a slightly lighter throw blanket, this Bliss sherpa blanket is great. It’s not as heavy as the Coastline. But it has two different sides just like the Coastline. A sherpa and then a plush side. The Bliss blanket comes in lots of colors so you can find just what you need to match your home.

UGG Firn Faux Throw Blanket

This is a luxurious faux fur throw blanket. Definitely a more expensive blanket from UGG. I love that the faux fur side has some dimension to it with varying color making it look more like a real fur (don’t worry it’s not!)

How To Wash An Ugg Throw Blanket

Machine Wash

Be sure to check your particular throw blanket, but from what I can tell, most are machine washable. I’d wash these by themselves in cold water or warm water, not hot, and on the gentle cycle. You can use any laundry to wash your blanket when you throw it in the washing machine.

Tumble Dry Or Hang Dry

I would suggest air drying if you can to extend the life of the blanket. Each Ugg blanket will have drying directions on the tag. I’ve seen both line dry as well as tumble dry on low. Just be aware. When in doubt, just hang dry, you can always toss it in for a couple of minutes to fluff it when it’s mostly dried.

Are Ugg Blankets Worth It

100% Ugg blankets are worth it. There’s nothing better than a good plush throw blanket on your couch. It’s comforting, it’s cozy, and it’s just the best. And I think these stand up to the price point. They’re high quality, extremely soft and beautiful, and great sizes. Big, but not too big.