July 13, 2024


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Bulgari’s Spectacular Mediterranea High Jewelry Unveiling

Bulgari’s Spectacular Mediterranea High Jewelry Unveiling

Bulgari’s Spectacular Mediterranea High Jewelry Unveiling. In a dazzling display of opulence and audacity, Bulgari introduces Mediterranea – a veritable kaleidoscope of high jewelry wonder. Embarking on an enchanting voyage across the Mediterranean Sea, Bulgari transported us through the dimensions of time and space with the launch of their resplendent Mediterranea high jewelry and watches in the enchanting city of Venice in June 2023.

Venice, a city that stands at the crossroads of civilizations and the once-vibrant trade routes of the Renaissance world, is imbued with a rich history that resonates in the opulent gems of the Mediterranea collection. It’s a place where liberal ideas ebb and flow with the tides, and art achieves new heights, courtesy of enlightened patrons and the vast wealth amassed by seafaring merchants. Bulgari, in perfect harmony with this spirit, chose the magnificent Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel as the backdrop for this grand unveiling.

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The Mediterranea collection is a stunning amalgamation of gemstone creations, harmoniously weaving together three distinct themes: Southern Radiance, Roman Splendor, and East Meets West. Lucia Silvestri, the Creative Director of Bulgari’s Jewelry division, is renowned for her penchant for infusing jewels with potent emotions, vividly expressed through audacious color palettes, daring tonal juxtapositions, and extravagant proportions. She eloquently describes the collection as a homage to the multifaceted beauty and essence of the Mediterranean. To her, the Mediterranean is a sensory awakening, a boundless source of inspiration. Its architecture, its natural splendor, its people – beauty abounds everywhere. It is a melting pot where diverse cultures and societies have intermingled and enriched one another over countless centuries. The essence of hospitality and open-mindedness, she believes, finds its roots in this very history.

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In an evocative ode to the drama of Southern Italy’s coastlines, the Mediterranea Muse necklace takes center stage, adorned with a mesmerizing 15.13-carat cushion-cut sapphire, reminiscent of the ocean’s deep blue hues. Cascades of diamonds and sapphires undulate gracefully over a platinum torque structure, eventually giving way to ethereal aquamarine drops.

In the Southern Sapphire necklace, a majestic 66.88-carat gemstone commands attention, ensconced within a lace-like structure that shimmers with diamonds. This masterpiece, redolent of the stark beauty of Apulia’s white villages set against the azure sea, demanded a staggering 1,650 hours of meticulous craftsmanship in Bulgari’s Rome high jewelry atelier.

The Roman Splendor chapter transports us from the romantic allure of the seas to the timeless architectural wonders of ancient Rome. The Roman Esedra necklace seamlessly captures the geometric precision of Ancient Rome within a sautoir featuring a hexagonal pendant adorned with an exuberant ensemble of a 68.88-carat emerald, diamonds, amethyst, and turquoise.

Drawing inspiration from the Ara Pacis, the Altar of Peace commissioned by the Roman emperor Augustus, the Acanthus Emerald necklace is an exquisite interpretation. Acanthus flowers, painstakingly carved into the white marble facade of the altar, are meticulously recreated with over 136 diamonds and seven exquisitely saturated drop-shaped emeralds, totaling 33.59 carats. The necklace exudes the timeless beauty of Rome’s rich heritage.

In the Emerald Lotus necklace, a 37.14-carat Maharaja emerald takes center stage, radiating its spiritual essence. This necklace, which pays homage to Indian jewelry and the iconic lotus flower motif, features rippling bands of diamonds and emeralds that gracefully encircle the central stone. Crafting this deeply symbolic masterpiece required an astonishing 2,200 hours of painstaking effort.

The East Meets West chapter unfolds with a vibrant explosion of colors, celebrating the opulent silks, resplendent rugs, and aromatic spices that once traversed the seas and graced the port of Venice. The Oriental Buds necklace and its accompanying jewelry watch capture the allure and exoticism of the Mughal Empire and Byzantine architecture. Luxurious diamond pavés harmonize with vibrant pink tourmalines, sapphires, and emerald beads, concealing a hidden dial beneath a 5.65-carat Colombian emerald.

Another remarkable timepiece in this collection is the Giardino Marino high jewelry watch, offering a glimpse into the enchanting underwater realm. Adorned with bejeweled fish, gem-studded starfish, and jewel-tipped sea anemones and sponges, this cuff watch is a mesmerizing testament to the wonders of the sea.

No Bulgari collection would be complete without the iconic serpent motif. The Mediterranean Sapphire Serpenti necklace features nine Sri Lankan sapphires, arranged like scales upon the diamond-set body of the serpent. A further 80 oval sapphire beads form a tassel that dangles provocatively from the serpent’s mouth, making for a formidable and captivating jewel.