July 13, 2024


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Domino’s rolls out 10 new stores in six weeks

Domino’s rolls out 10 new stores in six weeks

Global pizza chain restaurant Domino’s is set to open another 10 stores across Australia and New Zealand before the end of the year.

Domino’s ANZ chief development officer, Cameron Toomey, said Australia is one of the more “mature locations” when compared to the retailer’s global markets.

“We have shifted our focus from delivering the standard Domino’s store in a typical, metro location to also developing bespoke stores to get us into locations that we have not serviced.”

The company has introduced new store models such as Domino’s Mobile Pizza Kitchens – a fully-equipped Domino’s store on wheels – and its Simplified Menu Stores in rural and regional communities across Australia and New Zealand.

“The team has a clear focus on the beginning of the store opening pipeline, as opposed to only focusing on the final step, which means we have a consistent flow of new stores ready to be opened, and a solid plan for the stores that are coming.”

The team has also encumbered several obstacles when opening new stores this year such as increasing costs of material and labour and supply chain shortages.

“Ultimately having more stores closer to customers reduces the operating costs for our franchisees, which allows us to deliver great value for our customers wherever they are in Australia.”

The company has plans to expand its network to 1000 stores across Australia and New Zealand by 2024.

The company says it has recently surpassed opening 900 stores in the region and will open its 150th store in New Zealand next month.