June 19, 2024


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Long-Awaited Exhibition: Wallace Chan’s Mastery Unveiled

Long-Awaited Exhibition: Wallace Chan’s Mastery Unveiled. Renowned Chinese jeweler extraordinaire, Wallace Chan, is poised to unveil his magnum opus—a sprawling retrospective exhibition entitled ‘The Wheel of Time’—at the prestigious Christie’s in the heart of London.

Boasting an illustrious career spanning an impressive five decades, Wallace Chan has firmly etched his name into the annals of contemporary jewelry as a luminary figure. His oeuvre defies conventionality, bearing testimony to an unparalleled creative genius marked by an intricately-woven tapestry of imaginative concepts and pioneering use of materials, all encapsulated in his cutting-edge designs.


Wallace Chan’s artistic oeuvre transcends mere craftsmanship; it embodies profound spiritual introspection, infusing each piece with a profound philosophical essence that transcends the boundaries of mere adornment. His artistic journey is a melting pot of diverse cultural influences, a fusion of his rich Chinese heritage and a profound exposure to Western artistry and techniques.

Elevating his craft beyond the ordinary, Chan’s innovative prowess shines through in his groundbreaking creations. Notably, the Wallace Chan Porcelain, celebrated for its astonishing strength, outstripping steel fivefold. Moreover, Chan stands as a trailblazer within the jewelry industry, relentlessly exploring novel gemstone setting techniques and harnessing the remarkable properties of titanium within his creations.

Continuously pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship, Chan’s most recent triumph is the creation of ‘The Secret Abyss Necklace.’ This masterwork is a testament to Chan’s unwavering determination and unparalleled craftsmanship. A rutilated quartz is painstakingly carved from within, creating a 6.5mm aperture, and within this crystalline labyrinth, an intricate mosaic of 1,111 emeralds is set, forming an enchanting, suspended green maze.

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The butterfly emerges as a recurring motif, symbolizing grace and fragility in Chan’s artistic realm. Exemplifying this duality, the ‘Forever Dancing – Wind’s Tale’ brooch expertly balances the butterfly’s delicacy with the strength of titanium. Authentic butterfly wings are elegantly ensnared beneath intricately carved rock crystal, a feat achieved through meticulous vacuum techniques, preserving the wings’ ethereal iridescence and delicate scales. The piece comes to life with a profusion of morganites, pink sapphires, tsavorite garnets, and diamonds.

Another awe-inspiring masterpiece is the Quatrain Ring, a name echoing the rhythmic and mirrored essence of its composition. This voluminous ring showcases an intricate tapestry of setting techniques, where four pearls are seamlessly cradled within a frame of Wallace Chan Porcelain, encasing a resplendent 12.28 carat tsavorite garnet at its core. Free of conventional prongs, the green gemstone appears to float, its clarity and transparency forming a striking juxtaposition against the porcelain’s smooth opaqueness.

These three captivating marvels, among a grand total of 150 other breathtaking creations by Wallace Chan, will grace the hallowed halls of Christie’s in London from the 4th to the 10th of September 2023. Aptly titled ‘The Wheel of Time,’ this exhibition represents a crowning achievement in Chan’s illustrious career, encapsulating his artistic odyssey and groundbreaking innovations over the past half-century. The 150 pieces, generously lent by collectors, stand as a testament to the unbridled ingenuity of the Chinese virtuoso. Time, an ever-constant muse in Chan’s work, is described by the maestro as “an eternal wheel that rotates for infinity with neither beginning nor end. In the creative process, time is a theme so intangible, yet omnificent.”