May 27, 2024


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Soft Soldering: 4 Tips for Glass + Pottery Jewelry

Soft Soldering Setup

Damaged china or pottery, sea glass, raw gemstones, and other identified objects make unheard of jewelry when you use the smooth soldering method. Also termed “foil wrapping,” minimal-temperature soldering is uncomplicated to find out. But there are some solutions that make it even less difficult. Use copper foil and solder to frame, cap, and upcycle scrap glass and other elements.

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4 Recommendations for Tender Soldering

  1. Use a rubber block to raise your get the job done off the surface of your workbench. So often we function proper on the tabletop and the straightforward act of elevating the get the job done will seriously aid your joints, long expression. The rubber block also will help stabilize the piece and will keep the item in front of you. If you use a little something like a metal block, it will support with elevating, but the slick surface area will cause the piece to skirt away and be extra irritating than helpful.
Copper Foil Wrapped Crystal
Copper foil wrapped crystal with delicate solder staying applied with a soldering iron
  1. When wrapping an ingredient with copper foil, conserve the backing and label it with the name of the piece you’re smooth soldering about. Provided this is a “standard” sizing element, you can then use the template to pre-cut your foil. You may well be astonished but pre-cutting your foil forward of wrapping will boost your efficiency and set you up for success if you’re in production method for reward-producing or marketing your styles.
Sold Soldering Crystal
Foil wrapped crystal with soft solder used working with copper foil, soft solder, and a soldering iron.
  1. For a rapid project, wrap and smooth-solder a large crystal, stone, or piece of pottery. Include a jump ring to transform the component into a pendant, then insert a twine and you have a quick gift or great product or service to offer you your clientele.
Swarovski Crystal Rivolis foild wrapped, soft soldered, and added to sterling silver wire
Swarovski crystal rivolis foil wrapped, gentle soldered, and extra to sterling silver wire. Pendant strung on rubber cording. Style and image by Tammy Honaman
  1. Be sure to thoroughly clean your smooth-soldered patterns properly. Flux is utilized in the soft soldering process and it’s most effective to use flux remover to clean up it. Cleaning soap and h2o do not do the position.

From Stained Glass to Jewellery

Soft soldering or very low-temperature soldering was a big portion of my foray into jewelry creating. I shifted from larger sized residence décor stained-glass initiatives into the smaller jewellery format mainly because it was also a wonderful way to use up leftover glass from my stained-glass patterns. In addition, it took fewer time to create presents. Smooth soldering remains a part of my repertoire and I however use it with leftover glass, but it’s also wonderful for damaged pottery, uncooked crystals, sea glass, rocks, and other treasures.

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Have pleasurable discovering this fun technique and be absolutely sure to comment with any questions you may possibly have, or to supply your very own guidelines and methods.

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