May 27, 2024


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The Top Most Adorable Pet Halloween Costumes

The Top Most Adorable Pet Halloween Costumes

Who do you think anticipates donning a fun, glamorous, spooky or outrageous Halloween costume more? Ourselves or our cherished pets? Check out this entertaining selection of dog, and cat, (as well as a few exotic pets) Halloween costumes and you decide. Happy Halloween!

Halloween Adorable Pet Costumes 10-22.JPG

Cinderella Couture for your princess pooch. The full length gown comes with a sparkling crown by Jolly snowman pup by Special delivery! It’s the UPS pooch, by I Love NY yellow taxi cab pup will make sure you get home on time, by

Halloween Paris Hilton cat etsy use this image Miyopet  (2) cropped.jpg

Does your fashionista kitten dream of a Paris Hilton lifestyle? Dress her to the nines on Halloween. Pearls, a luxe cardigan and a kitty Kelly bag spells meow-wow! By Miyopet on

Halloween hula dancer pup costumes dor com  (2) cropped.jpg

This hula dancer pup’s got all the right moves by

Halloween teddy-bear-pet-costume, halloweencostumes dot com  (2).jpg

Is there anything cuter than this sweet teddy bear pup? A 10 on the adorable scale!

Halloween willie-nelson-dog-haalowwencostumes dot com (2).jpg

Have a loving musical pup who’s always on your mind? Willie Nelson by

Halloween spiderman pup costumes dot com  (4) cropped.jpg

Have no fear! Spiderman puppy is here to rescue us! By

Halloween John Travolta dog costume  (2).jpg

For very cool pets, John Travolta puppy wig by Elegantpet1 on

Halloween pink wig dog etsy  (2) cropped.jpg

Of course this sophisticated pup knows that pink wigs are up-trending. Elegantpet1 on

Halloween marie antoinette dog etsy  (3) cropped.jpg

For royal pets, the stylish Marie Antoinette coiffure. Elegantpet1 on

Halloween baxter boo rainbow fashion wig for pup  (2) cropped.jpg

It’s all about color, baby. Fab rainbow wig, Elegantpet1 on

Guinea pig bumble bee costume chewy .jpg

Does your guinea pig dream of dressing like a bumble bee? Here’s the perfect costume to make his wish come true.

Halloween chewy guinea pig fire truck.JPG

Possibly you have a guinea pig who would like to pay tribute to all first responders?

Halloween guinea pig prisoner chewy.JPG

Has your guinea pig committed unspeakable crimes against humanity? (Probably not.) But he may want to dress up like a criminal anyway, just to keep you guessing.

Halloween Chewy's dog lederhosen  (2).jpg

Lederhosen outfit for dogs that love world travel.

2 dogs halloween costume  (2).jpg

Spooky set of Halloween ghost dogs.

Halloween spark paws dog pajamas pink blue (2).JPG

1920’s style swim attire for retro pups.

Halloween ferret sombrero  (2).jpg

As you may know, most ferrets love dressing up for Halloween. Here’s a cute Sombrero for this festive fellow. Ferretshopkidspets on Etsy.

Halloween ferret pirate hat  (2).jpg

Swashbuckling pirate ferret by Ferretshopkidspets on Etsy.

Halloween Irish ferret hat leprechan  (2).jpg

Here’s a charming leprechaun hat for this handsome ferret. Ferretshopkidspets on Etsy.

Halloween ferret sailor suit  (2).jpg

A classic sailor suit for this sweet little ferret. Ferretshopkidspets on Etsy.

Halloween ferret costume  (2).jpg

Yikes! A spooky wizard costume for a mystical ferret. Ferretshopkidspets on Etsy.

Halloween scots dog in kilt etsy  (2).jpg

What’s more natural on Halloween that a Scottie is a fine tartan kilt? Bespoketails on Etsy.

Halloween bespoke tails green gown cat etsy  (2).jpg

A Scarlett O’Hara Gone With the Wind gown by Bespoketails on Etsy.

Halloween 2 cats tartan  etsy bespoke  (2).jpg

Trendy cats can go fashion forward on Halloween with designer looks by Bespoketails on Etsy.

Halloween bespoke tails 2 cats sweater dress  (2).jpg

Some very lucky, precious pets may be surprised that other kittens and pups only get to dress up on Halloween. Matching knit cat dresses by Bespoketails on Etsy.

Halloween dog prison costume etsy  (2).jpg

Most pets love Halloween, but there are always a few who may have a difference of opinion.

Have a fabulous Halloween! Stay safe and enjoy!